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PostSubject: GWD BANDOS EVERY NIGHT    Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:00 pm

alright so as most of you know, i go to Bandos every damn night lol.
well i do take people from the clan.
for example, Gunshot868(eric) always goes with me.
and Killer TC(taylor) started going with me alot more.

Taylor, has quite the upleader attitude so, i told her to take care of the people who wanna come, and their first times, etc. etc.
She said something that i do believe i should go along with.
levels 100+ please, anything lower is just a setback not a benefit.
so if your lower then 100, please dont feel bad. just train harder.

on a normal night i get 4 people total to come.
good nights, i get a few more. the other day was 7 people.

another thing is, i dont always do Lootshare worlds.
"Why?? wtf?? your gonna use me to get drops!!"
no this isnt true, lootshare worlds at places like Bandos, are always full..ESPECIALLY Bandos! their full with clans of level 130+'s.
this doesnt mean we wont look for a open lootshare world anyways. we will try to find one. but 90% you wont, i always pray for the best. but whoever comes i make sure they understand if we need to settle with Non-Lootshare, that they will have to be on the best of their game.

so with this said, reply to this message, Pm me on this site, talk to me on Skype(Search: Eman3o5) or (easier) talk to me on Runescape. to tell me you wanna go, and if your a first timer, please watch a couple of "Bandos Gwd Guide" on youtube to get a BASIC view.

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: GWD BANDOS EVERY NIGHT    Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:23 pm

yo bro ill come but let me make some $ but just to warn you i might be a set back at first but once you teach me i should helpout alot.
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