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 Easter event guide 2010

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PostSubject: Easter event guide 2010   Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:14 pm

didn't exactly know where to post this so i kinda chose here

i heard alot of people complaining on how hard it is so thought i could help our clan members

1) Empty your inventory and head south of Falador to find the "rabbit hole" you will need to speak to charlie for him to let you enter the hole.

2) find the easter bunny who is found NorthEast of the factory. He will tell you he needs help with his factory

Task #1
1)The first task he wants you to do is help with a machine. Go talk to the impling manager and he will tell you to clean some parts of the machine. (Cog, pipe, pistons)

>to clean the parts USE them on the Water Tank.

2) walk over to the machine and use each part on it to put them back. He will then tell you to go talk to the Easter Bunny.


Task #2

1) talk to the Impling Manager who is found at the Painting egg Machine.

2) he will tell you he needs help making paste colors for the eggs, but you have to find the supplies box in one of the boxes around the factory.

3)After you find the boxes he will give you a bowl, Color wheel and three basic colors.

4) he will then ask you to make three colors.

Add to the bowl in this order to generate the color needed.

Magenta: Blue, red, red.
Chartreuse: yellow,blue,yellow.

Go talk to the easter bunny once more after you've finished.

Task #3

The easter Bunny will now send you to Big Ben the squirrel.

1) Big Ben Will tell you he needs help sorting out a shipping mix up.

2) You need to push eveything thats not a peanut (giant or little one's) and chocolate eggs off the conveyer belt.
Examples of things to knock off the belt:

3)After you've knocked off 10 in a row you will finish and go talk to the easter bunny .........again.


The easter bunny will inform you that the Easter Bird hasn't been to happy and you need to talk to him to cheer him up.

Use the following responses:
A great many people rely on you for easter.
You and the Easter bunny are loved by all over Runescape.

Tell the easter bunny you have cheered him up.

task #5

Now you will have to manage his factory to make seven Fruit Cakes, Tangy egg bread, and Nutty eggs.

There's no way I can tell you exactly how to do this beacause it varies. depending on how many times a machine breaks down can change the amount of turn you need. so i apoligize for not being able to help on the most difficult part of the whole thing.

You start out with 5 workers. which you will need them to gather and produce the goods. asign them to different tasks by adding 1 to each option. gathering ingriedients is on the left. producing is on the right.

Read the instructions on the right side for better detail on this part.

Task #6

Next The Easter bunny will ask you to Make a few deliveries to Lumbridege Varrock and Falador.(teleporting is the fastest way)

he will give you a map to know where to make the deliveries.

In Lumbridge the corrier is near the bridge.

In Varrok the corrier is located in front of the Grand Exchange.

In Falador the corrier is located near the center if the city near the statue

Now head back to the Bunny hole for reward!

Ear Emote

By Mike =P
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Jerry T C
Jerry T C

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PostSubject: Re: Easter event guide 2010   Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:49 am

omg awesome guide mike =D love it and very helpfull thanx


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Equinox TC
Equinox TC

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PostSubject: Re: Easter event guide 2010   Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:54 am

thx for the tips mike Very Happy

me & steph will b finishing up the easter event soon


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PostSubject: Re: Easter event guide 2010   

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Easter event guide 2010
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