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A clan of RuneScape
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 About the Clan

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PostSubject: About the Clan   Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:51 am

This is an active & social clan. We do events--some planned some spontaneous. We also help each other skill, too.

Our clan is mostly adult and older teen, and we are not much into drama.

Here you can chill & hang out with no stress, skill with a friend, or get involved in the events as you like.

We don't own you, so you are free to be a member of another clan if you like. Jump in and out of clan chat as you like.

We took the name for our clan from The Covenant movie, (link), which is about teenage witches thrust into a witch war.

Our official homeworld is 28. When we hold events, this is where they will most often be held (unless otherwise mentioned, like if they're in a f2p world). Of course, that doesn't mean you are tied to this world--play where you would like. However, more people on the same world means it is easier to bless a grave or help if you need it.

Our official clan chat is l covenant l (those are L's by the way).

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About the Clan
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